Day 1

March 18th @ The Long Haul @ 8pm

A discussion about Political Na´vetÚ or what are we to do about Maoism. The Anarchist Study Group.

Day 2

March 19th @ Station 40 @ 7pm

Join Little Black Cart, Ardent press, LBC Books, and the IEF in celebrating another year of publishing books like Demotivational Training, The Cultural Logic of Insurrection, Egoism, Canenero, Disruptive Elements, I Saw Fire, and many more. There will be readings, snacks, drinks, mellow discussions, and scheming.

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Day 3

March 20th @ Grand Outaline Theater @ 8pm

Anarchist News, the largest non-sectarian online source for news about and of concern to anarchists, announces their first annual Anarchist News Awards to be held on March 20th, 2014. A yet to be announced but grand theater will host the awards ceremony at 7:30, honoring the best of North American anarchism in 2013.

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Day 4

March 21st @ Eastern Ohlone Park @ 1pm

An Anarchist Picnic. Potluck style!

Day 5

March 22nd @ The Crucible @ 10am

The Anarchist Bookfair. See you there!

Day 6

March 23rd @ Dwinelle Hall - UC Berkeley @ 10am

The 15th Annual BASTARD Conference

The BASTARD Conference Workshops

Day 7

March 24th @ The Long Haul @ 12pm

A brunch of negation. Potluck style.

Day 8

March 25st @ The Long Haul @ 8pm

The Annual 8 days wrapup. Cake!